About Us


Pauli's started from a love for good food, along with the need to know exactly where ingredients come from. Pauli’s age-old family recipe – his Nana’s secret Brinjali sauce, that has its roots in her birthplace, India – inspired Pauli to start his own brand of artisanal food products and take his talent of culinary expertise to the next level.


Today we continue to make fresh, locally grown sauces that can be used as they are or as a vital part of whatever you are cooking to make your meals delicious and easy. All of our products are vegan friendly, halal certified, and preservative free. 

We work to make good decisions to support emerging farmers and women run businesses. It is our core mission to make the best sauces while making a difference in our community and for our planet. We source our ingredients from local and community farmers and we use a bokashi method to dispose of our food waste. The compost from our production goes back to the farmers who buy our produce from.

We offer sales of jars, bulk products, and gift boxes. 

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